Are you willing to be part of the solution?

Allow yourself the time to embark on discovering the (not so) hidden gems of nature, so that you can design and apply them in a way that works with 3.8 billion years of proven strategies.

Hop on the wagon of evolving what we do.

“With her driven personality and quick wit, Ines gets right to work and straight to the point. Her ability to synthesise diverse forms of information makes her work creative, original and refreshing!”

—Jess Berliner, Co-founder & Product Manager @ Learn Biomimicry

Inspirational Speaking

Curiosity may have killed the cat, yet can boost your organisation.

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Reading your Path

Unlike other books, which simply tell you that you MUST be these things, this book will also tell you HOW to do it. Each section contains practical ideas you can implement immediately—whatever role you may be in.

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Roll Up your Sleeves

Want to find out what Biomimicry is? Why do we even need an alternative? How can that look like for you?

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Do you think that sustainability means sacrificing profits, or that happiness has to cost the environment?

Think again.

“The answers to our questions are everywhere; we just need to change the lens with which we see the world.”

Janine Benyus

Are you willing to be part of the solution?

What has become more apparent over the last 2-5 years is that our “Business As Usual” is the most UN-usual. The numbers are in:

  • air pollution contributes to 3.7million human deaths a year
  • 1 million species are threatened with extinction
  • we’ve converted 75% of the land that is not covered by ice
  • 6 of the 9 greatest threats to the world are directly related to ongoing destruction of nature, destruction by us, humans, 1 species

How are you applying the concepts, structures and practices outlined in the book?

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